Difference Between Fixed Screens And Retractable Screens

Fixed screens are such that they cannot be moved and have to be in the same position and place where it is initially fixed for all year or you can say till the time you want it to be at your house, or office or any premises that you have had them installed in at the first place. Whereas with the retractable screens, you can pull them up or down whenever you want with having to press a button that would use a motorized system to have the screen change its position according to the will of the client. The fixed and retractable screens have their own advantages and disadvantages as well. Some of them are briefly explained in this article as well.

Starting with the advantages of the fixed screens, they are of a lower price when compared to the price of the retractable screens. They can be a cost effective solution for your house and work place as well. One more good thing about the fixed screens is that they are easy to be maintained and also very inexpensive as they do not have to take it off when to have them repaired, it can be done then and there as well. And also these screens look great anywhere they are installed, they prove to be an invisible barrier that you do not have to compromise the view because of them and they keep the bugs and other insects out of the premises too.

The disadvantages of these screens are that they are not very flexible and they demand to be installed in the houses or the workplace for an all year round use, they cannot be shifted or moved anywhere else rather than where they are originally installed in the initial period as well. Another bad thing s that they are hard to remove, if you want them removed you would have to go through a lot of hassle and mess would be made as well.

The advantages of a retractable screen would be that first of all they eliminate the need of an awesome door. All you have to do is hit a button and all the walls just go up. This way your living room looks bigger and wider as well. They are seasonal, which means that you can have them and remove them by just a button when you do not want them to protect you from the cold winds. Now coming to the disadvantages pf the retractable screens, it is that they are more expensive than the fixed screens and that is because they are much more convenient and easy to use and adaptable as well.