What To Do Before Welcoming A Puppy Home

There is not greater feeling than having a very active and mischievous ball of fur to come home to after a long day at the office. Dogs are great companions but truthfully speaking, they require almost the  same amount of care that an infant baby requires and it is extremely important that you meet these care requirements by making the best out of the situation you  have.

There are so many people who are willing to adopt a pooch off the streets or off the shelters but due to their busy lifestyles and nine to five jobs, they always think twice about how they can care for their dogs while they are away at work.

If you’re somebody who is interested in getting a new puppy, the information that we have listed below with regards to caring for a dog will definitely come in handy.

Puppy Proof

One of the most important things you need to do before welcoming a new puppy home is puppy proofing your home. Similarly to how houses need to be baby proofed when they get to the age where they begin to crawl and go  exploring the house, your puppy will also do the same and get himself hurt if your home is not puppy proofed properly.

With puppy proofing, what you want to do is to take out any chewable materials from where they will be able to reach them and re position them to a bigger height. If you have any rugs or wooly blankets, you might want to put them in storage.

Care Plan

If you’re somebody who is a full time employee, it is important for you to find one of the dog boarding kennels in your area so you can give your dog the best care even when you are away at work.

However, if you do not mind leaving your puppy alone at home while you go into work, you should probably find somebody who can baby sit your pet or drop by the house to check on your pet and feed them when necessary. They often have something called pet minding that is designed to take the best care of your cat and you can opt to do the same for your dog.

Train Your Dog

One of the most important things that you need to do is to train your pooch because if they are not trained, life will become very messy and frustrating for you. Training a dog can be done after doing your research on the topic. You can learn how to do so by reading online articles or watching videos.

We highly suggest that you begin training your dog at a young age to follow simple commands and also to go potty in the designated area that you have set up for him. Some dogs are so well trained that they are made to signal their owners right before they want to go so that the owner can take them outside.